We provide treatment and advice for patients presenting with this condition which is due to the inflammation of the bladder and usually caused by urine infection. Some of the common presenting symptoms include:

  • Pain when passing urine.
  • Passing urine more frequently than usual.
  • May have pain across the lower abdomen- in the area over the bladder.
  • May have blood in the urine.
  • May present with fever and or chills.
  • The urine may smell strong and foul.
  • The urine may appear discoloured and cloudy.

Cystitis may present following radiation treatment or after the use of certain chemicals. Certain conditions including Pregnancy, increased sexual activity and conditions like diabetes increase the incidence of cystitis.

Vaginal thrush, use of deodorants and bubble baths may present with similar symptoms due to the irritation of the genitalia.

It is generally more common in women compared to men, due to the fact the urethra is only about 4cm long in women and 15 cm in men.

Some cases may be self limiting and usually improve within a couple of days.

If however, the symptoms worsen or the patient develops fever or back pain we do advise our clients to see a Doctor.

We advise our clients to drink a lot of water to flush the bladder of the infection and cranberry juice has been known to help relieve the symptoms by changing the pH (acidity) of the urine.

As part of the management of this condition we carry out a urine test in the office or during a home visit to look for signs of infection. In some cases we may send the urine sample to the laboratory for more detailed analysis, including culture, to try and isolate the organism responsible for causing the infection.

If you would like to discuss your symptoms of suspected cystitis further and to seek help with the appropriate treatment, please contact us by completing the ‘Make An Appointment’ booking form opposite with details of your symptoms and concerns.