Delay Menstrual Periods

We offer advice and treatment to our female clients who may wish to postpone or delay their menses for professional or personal reasons including athletes and those who are travelling on holidays.

We offer advice and where necessary treatment, that works by delaying the onset of the menses until you stop taking the treatment. Usually your period will resume within 2-3 days of stopping the recommended treatment.

If you are scheduled to have an operation in the near future this treatment option may not be advisable.

The treatment option depends on whether the client is on the combined pill already or not.

We do recommend that the treatment is commenced at least three (3) days before the onset of the expected period.

If you would like to discuss this in confidence with a member of our experienced team and to get advice on your treatment options please contact us by completing the booking form stating your request including details of any known allergies, and a list of all current medications including over the counter medication (OTC) and any herbal remedies.