Occupational Health

Screenings & Advice

Through our Occupational Health Service we undertake Employee Health Screens on behalf of our corporate clients. This service is designed to prevent employees from taking time off work resulting in decreased productivity. We are able to schedule appointments in the office at a time that is convenient for our clients.

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The tests carried out include those listed under the General Health screen and any other tests that may be seen necessary depending on the industry concerned.

Specialist Employee Medical Screening.

Doing regular Employee Medicals help reduce the risks associated with medical conditions affecting an employee’s ability to perform potentially dangerous tasks safely and also reduce sickness absence rate thereby improving overall productivity. For employees operating dangerous machinery or working in a high risk environment, it is important that any potential medical conditions or problems are identified during pre-employment health screenings in order to reduce the risks to the employee and other Staff. We are able to arrange most industry specific pre-employment screenings including some of the ones listed below:

  • HGV, LGV, PSV, taxi & driving related medicals. These are especially useful in those employed in the Taxi, haulage or fork lift industries. Why wait to see your Doctor when we can arrange these tests at a time and location that is convenient to you?
  • Oil & Gas sector medicals (OGUK formally UKOOA standards).
  • COSHH Assessments when employees are working with substances such as soldering flux, lead and asbestos.
  • Audiometry – hearing tests.
  • Exposure to Trace Elements Testing.
  • Respiratory sensitizers or skin irritants.
  • Flu Vaccinations. They have been proven to reduce sickness absence in the work place and so boost your productivity.
  • Drug & Alcohol testing. This is particularly relevant in safety-sensitive industries including Oil and Gas, Transportation and so on. In these industries it is generally necessary to prove that your employees are free of Drugs and Alcohol.
  • Functional Capacity Tests.

In all cases, both in industries or occupations seen as high risk (and even those perceived as low risk) from accident or injury, regular pre-employment and periodic employee health checks are beneficial to the Employer in terms of maintaining a healthy workforce, sometimes identifying potential medical problems early and reducing possible future sickness absence and thereby improve productivity.

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  • Reducing the cost of recruitment and training of your Staff.
  • Reducing the level of work related Stress and subsequently sickness absence.
  • An additional perk for your most valued business assets – your employee, an additional motivation for your Staff and a very important source of goodwill for your employees.
  • By increasing your productivity, it might help increase your profitability and increase your Market Share.
  • Help meet your legal requirements and reduce risk of any unforeseen legal action and therefore save you money.

Please contact us for further details, to book an appointment and to obtain a quote.