Office Visits offers a convenient, affordable, confidential office, hostel or hotel visiting service.

We come to you in the comfort of your office, hostel or hotel at a time that is convenient to you.

We are able to deliver same quality as your GP, and in some cases a greater choice than you would experience in your GP Office in the comfort of your location and or place of your choice.

This service is designed primarily for our clients who are too ill to travel to their own Doctors Surgery and would like to avoid the long wait in the Walk in Centres (WIC) and the A+E departments.

It is also designed for those who are unable to get an appointment with their own Doctors and would like to avoid the long wait in the WICs and the A+E departments.

We cater for Visitors to the United Kingdom who are here for holiday or business purposes and who may not have much local knowledge, have limited access to travelling, and who may not have access to Medical Services under the NHS.

The service is however, available to anyone who is ill and unable to visit their Doctors Surgery, unable to get an appointment with their Doctors soon enough, or who want to avoid the long waiting times in the WICs or A&E or where they may be exposed to other patients who may be more ill, including with contagious conditions.

We visit patients in accordance with our standard terms and conditions.

There is a standard charge for office, hostel and or hotel visits and this includes the consultation charge and any additional charge for the visit.

If any tests are required including blood tests and other investigations including X-rays or scans or referral to the Specialists or Consultants a separate fee to cover all these is available.

For the convenience of our clients we are able to prescribe and dispense certain medications even when the Pharmacies are closed. We also have a network of Specialists and Consultants covering different Specialty areas and we are able to refer our clients whether through the NHS or privately.

We work in collaboration with other services including approved Laboratory services and are able to arrange blood tests to be done in the convenience of your home, office, hostel or hotel.

In certain cases some of these tests can be arranged through special kits being delivered to you with instructions on how to collect certain samples and return by post to the laboratory where they are analysed and the results sent back to us.

We do ask our clients to complete the online booking form to include details of your past medical history, relevant family history of any existing medical conditions, any known allergies, relevant social history where applicable including smoking history, use of drugs and alcohol, list of prescribed and complementary medications. It should also include brief details relating to the current symptoms and the reason for requesting the visit.