Pre-Employment Medicals offers pre-employment medical screening for our corporate clients.

There are two main forms of pre-employment medical screening:

  • Pre-employment Medical Questionnaire
  • Pre-employment Medical examination

In certain circumstances, a pre-employment medical examination may be carried out, for example:

  • Where there is a minimum legal requirement or where specific medical standards have to be met for example drivers, divers, etc.
  • Where the pre-employment questionnaire indicates a medical problem that requires further assessment and or evaluation.
  • Where a baseline assessment is required for example prospective employees with high exposure to chemicals, noise , lasers, etc.

We comply with the Access to Medical Records Act, the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, the Data Protection Act of 1998 (all information is held in confidence under the Data Protection Act) and the Human Rights Act.

We also provide comprehensive pre-employment medical reports and we assist our corporate clients in determining the medical fitness of employees for employment into certain jobs.

Some of the benefits of carrying out pre-employment Medical Screening for our corporate clients include.

  • To identify any medical risks to prospective employees, their colleagues at work or their employers.
  • To identify any potential medical problems which may lead to problems with excessive sickness absence from work.
  • Provides the employer the initial health information of their prospective employees for future reference.
  • To identify any potential disability problems that may require our corporate clients to make some adjustment in the work place for employees with certain disabilities.
  • To identify any areas of support that may be needed for the employees to carry out their duties more effectively and to help increase the overall productivity of our corporate clients.
  • To ensure that the duties of the job do not adversely affect any per-existing medical condition that the prospective employee may have already declared during the pre-employment assessment.
  • In certain cases the pre-employment medical assessment is required to meet the minimum legal or statutory requirement for the particular job description. This applies to professional drivers who require an eye test as a statutory requirement for the Driving License.
  • In some cases of conditional offer of employment by our clients we do pre-employment medical assessment to assess the employee’s medical capability to do the job which they have applied for.

Please complete our Pre Employment Health Questionnaire and email to us at prior to any consultation, to enable us to serve you best.