Private Home Visits offers a Private GP Home Visiting Service.

To book a home, office or hotel visit please contact us or complete the online booking form.

On the online booking form, include details of your background medical information including family and social history where applicable, list of prescribed and complementary medications and any known allergies. Also include brief details relating to the current symptoms and the reason for requesting the visit.

If the booking is made over the phone, we will also ask you for supplementary information including details as listed above.

We are able to provide some medications at the time of the visit or else provide appropriate prescription.

We are able to arrange blood tests, X-rays request, request to obtain scans (USS, MRI) and referral to the Specialist or urgent Hospital admissions as is necessary.

After providing the details as requested if the patient wishes to book a home, office or hotel visit appointment the cost of the visit including the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the Clinician and the credit/debit card details for payment is obtained prior to the visit.

Some clients may be able to pay by cash on the arrival of the Clinician but this is at the discretion of

We provide a written detailed report of the visit if requested.

We also provide a receipt confirming amount paid by the client if requested.