Private Prescription Services

Private Prescriptions Services.We do offer repeat prescriptions in certain instances over the phone but in some circumstances a face-to-face consultation would be required for this regulated service.

In some instances new prescriptions for some antibiotics or repeat prescription for other general medical conditions if the patient had been previously prescribed these medications by a GMC registered Clinician.

We do ask the patients to provide some evidence that they have been prescribed these medications by a GMC registered Practitioner.

All our partner Pharmacists are registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council.

We require patients to complete online medical questionnaire or have a telephone consultation with our Medical team and in some cases we are able to visit our clients to obtain the appropriate history and medical information including any known allergies or chronic disease condition(s) prior to issuing any prescription.

We do not recommend the online service for pregnant and breast feeding mothers or those with chronic medical conditions including liver, kidney or heart conditions as these patients preferably would require face-to-face consultation or in rare instances a telephone consultation prior to any issue of new or repeat prescriptions.

We do require our clients to provide accurate information regarding their medical history as we rely on the information provided to make informed decision.

Under the current UK Laws it is illegal for an online health care provider to advertise prescription-only-medication (POM) prices prior to a medical consultation with a GMC-registered Practitioner.

Please note… only issues private prescriptions. Each prescription attracts a fee which starts from £20 per script.

If a patient wishes to have an NHS script then would contact the patient’s NHS Doctor with the details of the recommended prescription or give the script to the patient to take to their NHS Doctor. wishes to state that the NHS Doctor is under no obligation to issue an NHS script based on our recommendations and they may ask to review the patient prior to issuing such a script under the NHS. The Doctor may not issue the medication because the particular medication may NOT be on the approved list as set by the Primary Care Trust or the local commissioning organisation.

We do NOT provide prescriptions for controlled drugs at present.