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Health Screenings

Health Screenings

We undertake general and sexual health screenings for both men and women.

Our screening services are generally tailored according to the age, sex, family history and general lifestyle of the individual.

Why do we recommend Health Screenings?

  • Offers the opportunity for us to discuss any health concerns with our clients and to offer health promotion and disease prevention advice depending on the outcome of the screening.
  • To increase client awareness on the early symptoms of some of the common health conditions including diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, etc.
  • Offers a proactive and pragmatic approach to disease prevention through early advice on lifestyle changes and choices including diet, regular exercise, weight control, etc.
  • Offers an opportunity to diagnose certain disease conditions in their early stages, thereby offering the best chance of any cure.
  • For our corporate clients, screenings can offer the opportunity to identify any Health and Safety issues in the work place, effects of drugs and alcohol misuse and may in some instances help reduce sickness absence in the longer term and thereby increasing employee productivity.