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Private GP Services

Private GP Services

This Private GP service is available to private individuals and family members who may already have access to the NHS service but also includes visitors to the United Kingdom who may not have access to the NHS services.

Some of the services offered under this category include the following:

– General Health / Well Being & Lifestyle.

– Contraception.

Telephone and E-mail consultations.

Home, Hostel, Hotel and Office visits.

  • For the convenience of our clients we are able to prescribe and dispense certain medications even when the Pharmacies are closed. We also have a network of Specialists and Consultants covering different Specialty areas and we are able to refer our clients whether through the NHS or privately.

Blood investigations and results interpretation and advice.

X-rays, ECG, Ultra Sound Scan (USS), MRI scan requests and interpretation.

Well Man and Well Woman General Health screening assessments.

  • Including health promotion advice.

Travel Advice.

  • Including vaccination and the use of chemoprophylaxis including anti-malarials.

Private Prescriptions.

  • Including Repeat Prescriptions.

Referral to a Specialist or Consultant.

  • For further evaluation and management.

Sexual Health Screening.

  • This includes screening for STDs, treatment of health related problems including premature ejaculation and Erectile dysfunction problems.

– Consultancy Services.

  • We offer consultancy services in the area of Primary Health Care Services and advice on Preventive Health especially in developing Countries.
  • We also supply and equip hospitals, primary care centres and mobile clinics (including Mobile caravan and boat services).
  • We can provide Staff Training to ensure the smooth running of healthcare services and equipment.