Specialists & Consultants Referrals

Specialist referrals.Callthephysician.com is a multidisciplinary service and we pride ourselves in working as a seamless team to provide the best care and medical outcome possible for our clients at all times.

If after the initial detailed assessment of our clients we feel that they would be best served by a referral to the appropriate Specialist or Consultant, we make every effort to make this process as smooth and efficient as possible and cut down the waiting time to the very minimum.

We embark on a thorough appraisal and discussion of all the options available including the pros and cons of each option in consultation with the clients.

This is aimed at empowering the client with the appropriate information to help them make informed decision on how best to manage their particular presenting medical problem.

If the client is happy with the decision to refer them to the Specialist or Consultant then we would refer them for further specialist assessment, investigations and appropriate treatment.

We understand the anxieties associated with referrals but we do try to reassure our clients that referral to a Specialist does not necessarily mean that they have “serious problem”. We provide the necessary support and make ourselves available to answer any questions or to clarify any doubts in their mind.

We generally refer to Specialists or Consultants on our team and who are well known and established in their specialty with a proven track record of results. We continue to review our relationship with our team of Specialists and Consultants through a combination of our auditing process and feedback received from our clients.

We have access to a large selection of Specialists and Consultants and we exercise due diligence with each referral to ensure that we make the appropriate initial assessment to enable an informed decision on the most appropriate Specialist to refer the client to, in order to get the best medical outcome.

We provide support through the referral journey to the completion of the treatment and discharge from the Specialists’ care and are always available to answer any questions that may arise.