Stop Smoking Service offers a Stop Smoking Service to our clients who desire to stop smoking.

The available evidence is that smoking is a major contributor to common diseases such as heart attack, stroke, peripheral vascular disease (PVD) and COPD. Most lung Cancers are caused by smoking and it is also a major risk factor for cancer of the breast and bowel (BMJ 2010).

The evidence showed that 2 out of 3 smokers would like to give up smoking and that 95% of smokers relapse within the first year of smoking cessation. We offer a confidential stop smoking treatment at a time and location dictated by the client and work patiently with the client to achieve the set goal.

Smoking is the biggest cause of death and illness in the UK with more than 120,000 people dying each year from smoking related diseases such as heart disease and lung cancer. The fastest way to improve your health is to quit smoking.

If you wish to give up smoking, you may want to contact us and arrange a phone consultation or you may complete the online booking form and we would contact you to discuss this further and in some cases arrange a face-to-face consultation.

We are aware that the current evidence shows that what we say and do about smoking in consultations makes a difference. During the initial consultation an assessment of the client’s commitment to quit is made.

If the patient accepts the offer to stop smoking, they would be encouraged to determine a stopping smoking date and offered prescription-only-medication (POM) Varenicline or Champix 1-2 weeks before the chosen date.

The current evidence is that 40% of the patients who wish to stop smoking and who are prescribed this medication will be able to do so. During the clinical trials with this medication 44% of the patients stopped smoking in 12 weeks compared to 11% in those on a placebo.

This medication works by reducing the satisfaction derived from smoking so that if the patient relapses during treatment and then smokes he derives less pleasure and therefore more likely to give up. Treatment is for initial duration of 12 weeks. The dose is increased gradually in the first week of treatment and the medicine is then taken twice a day for 12 weeks. If you have successfully managed to stop smoking at the end of 12 weeks, your may be offered a further 12 weeks of treatment. The tablets should be swallowed whole with a drink of water. They can be taken with or without food.No smoking.

The patient is then reviewed 2 weeks after stopping smoking as per NICE Guidelines.

Patient is informed that it can cause nausea but this usually settles with treatment.

It can also affect the mood and patients with Psychiatric history need to be monitored closely.

The MHRA advises that the medication be stopped if it causes significant depressed mood, agitation and suicidal behaviour or ideation.

We do not prescribe this medication if patient has allergy to Champix or is pregnant or breast feeding.

NICE recommends that the most appropriate treatment for the individual should be used and in the cases where this medication is NOT suitable alternative therapies are offered including the use of Zyban, Nicotine patches, chewing nicotine containing gums, inhalators, lozenges and sprays.

Please click the link for the package insert and more information about Champix.

If you want to stop smoking and wish to discuss this further, please contact us in confidence by completing our booking form, or sending an e-mail to