Visa Application Medical Examinations

Visa Application Medicals.If you are visiting or intend to work in another country, or applying for Immigrant Visa, we are able to provide a comprehensive Medical Examination that meets the specific requirement of the particular country.

Tests may include the following, but this may slightly vary from one country to the other. Please contact us so that we can advise on the specific requirements depending on which country you are interested in and also provide a quote for the total cost of the services required.

  • Urinalysis for protein, blood & glucose.
  • Full blood count and in some cases may include blood film for malaria parasites.
  • HIV & Syphilis.
  • Liver Function tests LFTs, depending on the Country.
  • Hepatitis A, B & C tests in some countries.
  • Filariasis in some tropical countries.
  • Medical History – to complete a comprehensive health questionnaire.
  • General Medical Exam.
  • ECG.
  • A Chest X-Ray may be required depending upon the results of your blood profile and your past Medical history and/or the particular country you are interested in.
  • In some cases a blood Test for Tuberculosis may be required it is called the TB Gold Quantiferion test (TBQ Test).

If you would prefer to have these tests carried out in the comfort of your home or office please contact us for further details, to book an appointment and to obtain a quote.