Well Woman Health Checks

Be a Well Woman.Callthephysician.com offers a range of medical examinations to assess the general health and well being of both men and women.

In Well Man and Well Woman health checks, we obtain information on individual past and present medical health and appropriate family and/or occupational history.

We will also usually:

  • Investigate individual lifestyle patterns such as diet and exercise including smoking habits, and alcohol use.
  • Measure individual height and weight and measure the BMI – Body Mass Index.
  • Measure waist circumference.
  • Measure the blood pressure.
  • Check body fat.
  • Perform urinalysis looking for especially glucose, blood or protein in the urine.
  • Measure the peak flow.
  • Carry out prostate and testicular examination in men and breast examination in women.
  • Carry out Lung Function test.
  • Do ECG (Electrocardiogram) heart tracing.
  • Perform a Fasting Blood Glucose Test to help identify those who may be suffering with diabetes.
  • Perform a fasting Cholesterol Test, and any other blood screening test as deemed appropriate depending on any possible known risk factors or family history.

Any blood tests are carried out after working hours (please note that weekends attract additional fees).

Please call 0800 6785196 or contact us to book an appointment or for further information.